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There is nothing wrong with a child needing a little extra help or attention. This is especially true when it comes to their education. It is our job as parents to ensure that our children get all the help they need to succeed in school.

Sometimes that help comes from an online tutor. Online tutors are a fantastic resource, as they offer customized care for your child’s educational needs. The trick is finding the right tutor for your child. Here are a few tips on how to do so.

What Are the Goals?

Before you begin searching for a tutor for your child, take a moment to consider your goals. Does your child need help to complete their homework? Or do they need help understanding the course material? The answer will help you understand what sort of tutor you are looking for.

Get Specific

These days it is possible to find dozens of online tutoring websites. In other words, there is a website covering each concern and subject. For example, if your child needs help studying for the SATs, you want to hire a tutor specializing in SAT Prep. 

Take the time to browse online and see what your options are. A few tutoring specialties include writing, coding, test prep, time management, organization, music, language, math, etc. All of the listed examples have specialized sites that serve these purposes.

Check References

Let’s say you’ve found a few potential tutors and now need to decide which is the right fit. One way to do this is by checking their references. In truth, this is a step that parents should be doing regardless.

Checking references ensures several things:

  1. It assures the tutor is who they say they are (an important safety tip!).
  2. It ensures that the tutor has experience in the field, with happy customers willing to back up their statements.
  3. It confirms that they are going about their work professionally.

Ask Your Child

At the end of the day, this tutor is for your child, not you. Therefore, your child should get a say in things. While they shouldn’t have the right to veto tutoring altogether, finding a tutor that your child can feel comfortable with is essential. Failure to do so will not be conducive to their learning.