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Kasey Bledsoe


Meet Kasey Bledsoe

Kasey Bledsoe is a registered nurse in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health previously employed her, a network of institutions that include Women & Babies Hospital, Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital, Lancaster General Hospital (LGH), and Lancaster Behavioral Health Hospital. Kasey spent nearly a decade working at LGH as an Interventional Radiology RN and traveling RN.

About Kasey Bledsoe

Kasey always knew she wanted to pursue this career path. Kasey began taking steps towards this goal after high school. Kasey studied at Lancaster General College, earning her Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN), a two-year degree for those who want to work in the medical industry as registered nurses (RNs). Continuing her education, Kasey studied licensed practical nursing at the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC). 

Aside from the formal education required to become a registered practicing nurse (RN), with a few exceptions, virtually all nursing positions need a bachelor’s degree. Kasey Bledsoe earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing through the RN to BSN program at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU). Kasey picked this school partly because of their emphasis on self-care to reduce the stress associated with nursing careers and education. Self-care is a topic covered in each course to help students remember to look after themselves. This is a vital element to being able to care for others and succeed in any academic program. After earning her bachelor’s degree and effortlessly passing a national nursing licensing test (NCLEX), Kasey chose interventional radiology sedation as a specialized field. 

Kasey likes to travel domestically and internationally in her spare time. For Kasey Bledsoe, total immersion travel broadens her worldview and inspires self-reflection, concern for the environment, and respect for other people’s way of life. Travel is an exercise in adaptation, humility, tolerance, open-mindedness, and empathy. It also acts as a reset button for Kasey, reminding her to be thankful for everything she has accomplished in her life.

One of Kasey’s favorite aspects of traveling is meeting people from various countries and learning about their customs. Each eye-opening event teaches Kasey to appreciate both the similarities and contrasts between herself and the others she meets. The most engaging travel experiences have featured local geography, history education, and unusual cuisine, culture, and linguistic traditions.

Kasey Bledsoe’s naturally curious mind allows her to see and do more than the average tourist. Curiosity is the key to having a memorable experience, particularly while traveling. It provides access to various perspectives and lifestyles that would otherwise be difficult to get, allowing individuals to seek new experiences via spontaneity. Kasey’s finest experiences have been the ones she didn’t plan.

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